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Introduction to Franchises

There is underlying concept when a small business owner considers a franchise operation. He needs to be clear in his understanding, this is a business partnership. You must accept the relationship format and realize the exchange of information/help for financial payment over time.

The Franchise Agreement – Geographical Territory Clause


Every franchise agreement should discuss the issue of the source of customers.  This is known as the geographical territory, protected territory or exclusive territory.  Many agreements spell out the zone or area of your customer source.  It is [...]

The Franchise Relationship


A franchise relationship is a partnership between two parties.  The primary party is the Franchiser.  This entity owns a master group of similar business selling/providing the same product or service.  The Franchiser sells a ‘Right’ to his [...]

Introduction to Franchises


Simply put, Franchising is a partnership relationship.  As a small business owner, you have to decide if you truly want to be in a relationship with an authority in your business operation.  This can be a mutually beneficial arrangement or a [...]