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Bonuses and other forms of compensation to employees to either increase or maintain a high level of production. With sales: costs to get a customer to buy a product including discounts, coupons, campaigns and third party commissions.

Gross and Net Sales


Many of the business performance standards are measured against a baseline.  For the bulk of production and operation performance tools the baseline is net sales.  The key to an accurate performance standard is having an exact sales figure.  As [...]

Discounts – Various Meanings in Business


The term ‘discounts’ is a broad and varied meaning word when it comes to use in business.  It literally has four distinct definitions.  Each definition is used within a certain context of business.  The first and most dollar expensive [...]

The True Cost of Labor


I laugh at the definition of labor costs because in my opinion the so called experts only have it half right.  Labor costs are more than just gross wages and benefits.  It should include the costs of insurance, employer taxation, human resources [...]