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How to make money in the restaurant business?

The dynamics of owning and operating a restaurant are reviewed. Once the business owner understands the dynamics, then it becomes easy to understand how to make money in this industry.

Alcohol Costs – Monitor Closely


In the restaurant business, alcohol is the single best margin generator.   If you are going to have a profit, this is where the money is made.  As an owner, you need to understand the value of alcohol sales and the associated costs.  This aspect [...]

Controlling Food Costs in the Restaurant Industry


The top two costs associated with owning a restaurant is labor and food.  Controlling these prime costs in effect is the bottom line in your business.  So how do you control food costs?  First identify the correct quantity and quality of food you [...]

Controlling Labor Costs in a Restaurant


There are two costs that stand out in the restaurant industry.  Food and labor comprise more than 45% of the typical expenses of the restaurant.  No other expense comes close to these two costs.  This article is dedicated to controlling the labor [...]

Food Service – An Introduction to Owning a Restaurant


I have always been impressed by those that provide this product and service to our society.  Overall, I don’t think they charge enough, but that is just my opinion.  It also comes out in the numbers.  I have reviewed the books for over 40 [...]