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Financing Options

Alternatives to actual cash payment. These include credit cards, third party loans, and factoring. Remember though, any time you use a third party, they want a piece of the pie.

Don’t Flip Them, Finance The Flip!


The rage in real estate for the last 15 years has been flipping houses.  Simple principle of buy low, fix it up and sell high – House Flipping Business Dynamics.  What if I told you there was more money to be made with less risk and very little [...]

Convertible Debt


In poker, deuces are often called the wild card.  You can use the card as a ‘Two’ or as any other card in the deck.  In effect, you can convert the card to something else.  Well, convertible debt uses the same principle in business.  The [...]

Long Term Debt – Explanation and General Understanding


In the arsenal of capitalizing a business operation, long term debt serves as one of the primary sources of capital.  As an owner of a small business, you need to understand the relationship this source has to the overall financial status of the [...]

Lease or Buy


Fixed assets are normal in business operations.  However, financing those assets is the critical issue.  If you buy the asset outright, you tie up capital that can be used to expand operations or keep overall costs low in operating the company.  [...]

The Different Types of Bank Loans


There are many different types of bank loans, each having their own respective purpose.  All bank loans are categorized into two distinct groupings; secured and unsecured loans.  Within in each category of loans there are several different [...]

Cash Counts


“How are you going to pay for this?” I asked? My client responded, “I still have checks” which meant he didn’t have any cash. He had the ability to write a check but no cash to back it up. I can’t stress enough how important cash is in [...]