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Employee Benefits

One of the forms of indirect compensation, employee benefits include access to a retirement plans, forms of insurance (health, cancer, vision, dental, and life); vacation and personal time off. Some larger employers provide other forms of benefits especially for individuals involved in management. Most benefits are 100% covered by the employer or the employer agrees to subsidize the cost.

Retaining Stylists In The Hair Industry


A good question was posed by a former client about how to solve a problem in the service industry. It is the revolving door of stylists in the salon industry. This constant movement of stylists from one salon to another is actually bad business. So [...]

Payroll – Introduction to Basic Concepts


Payroll is envisioned as the simple employer employee agreement related to compensation for services.  I often think of this as the simple handshake whereby the employer agrees to pay the employee a set rate per hour of work.  This was true a [...]

Simple Retirement Plan – Section 408(p)


There are several different retirement plans available to the small business owner.  But no plan offers so many advantages to small business as the Simple retirement plan.  The positive attributes include: 1) Easiest to understand, 2) Least amount [...]