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Characteristics of the Work Environment

Select the best characteristics that will work well for your business. Identify those attributable to the customer, the product, the service rendered, and the outside forces that impact production. From something as simple as the weather to complex human emotions, there are many different characteristics that affect the work environment.

Team Based Pay in the Hair Salon Industry – A Critique


Team based pay in the hair salon industry is the newest solution for compensating employees and increasing the overall performance of a salon.  IT WILL NOT WORK.  This article is a critique of this program and provides several reasons why this [...]

Gain an Understanding of the Work Environment


One of the top three purposes of any business operation is to provide security to employees. This consists of financial reward, generating self-worth and creating an environment of maximum productivity. Every industry is hampered by outside forces [...]

Introduction to Human Resources Management


Matching the right person to the right job is the primary objective of any human resource manager. If you had a company of highly trained, well informed, and happy staff, you would control the best place to work in the whole wide world. So to me, [...]