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Business Plan

A document outlining the ‘Who’, ‘What’, ‘Where’, ‘When’ and ‘How’ of a small business operation. It is the action document used to lead the operation forward. Often used to obtain funding, it is better used as the life cycle tool. The plan outlines short term and long term goals.

Small Business Model Series Entry #2 – Narrowing the Idea


This entry is part of a series of entries exemplifying the steps an entrepreneur takes from starting a business to selling the operation. It is a step by step process addressing the multitude of business concepts every small business owner must face. This is a 6 year example from Day 1 to the day the owner receives a check for selling his business. Read this series as if it you were experiencing all of the trials, tribulations and joy of owning and operating a business. [...]

Research Your Business Plan – Part III


You have now completed the ‘Who’, ‘What’ and ‘Where’ of your plan as a part of the start-up function.  We will now complete the ‘When’ section of the plan.  Remember, you have not formally documented any of these steps.  You [...]

Do I Need a Business Plan?


Whenever someone wants to start a business, they ask their friends and professionals what they should do. The standard answer is always, ‘You need a business plan’. Really, do you? If I do, what is it and how do I proceed? To answer the question [...]