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A term used in business. It has a multitude of definitions but is generally the generic actions taken by a business to the masses. It is a great tool for many types of operations. Is it the best for you?

Advertising – Monitor Performance


In small business it is difficult to know if your advertising is effective.  Often the methods or campaigns you use to get customers to your store or to purchase your product appear to be effective but in reality are nothing more than usual volume [...]

Real Estate Agent – Drawbacks and Delusions


The highest prized benefit of owning your own business is independence.  You rely on your skills and have to report to no one but yourself.  This is the allure of becoming a real estate agent.  Imagine, making a lot of money and working when you [...]

Flake Cereal – The Story of Will Keith Kellogg


As with many of life’s great success stories, an accident invents a new method or product.  In addition a lie generates huge amounts of wealth for the inventor.  It was no different for Will Keith Kellogg (WK). As a young man, WK started out as [...]

Operating Control Reports in Business


A part of any information feedback loop is the operating control reports in business.  Depending on the nature and financial impact involved, these reports can be daily (Daily Operating Controls or DOC), weekly (Weekly Operating Controls or WOC) [...]

The Difference between Marketing and Advertising


The simplest definition for these two misunderstood terms is that marketing involves customer interaction i.e. human contact, whereas advertising is a non-contact form of information transfer.  You can read a multitude of professional definitions, [...]

Who is Your Customer?


You would think this is a simple question with an easy answer.   But for most folks, they can’t identify their customer.  It seems elusive or undefinable.  If you are in business, you need to answer this one question.  You need to know.  [...]

Marketing – A License to Steal


I had the privilege of meeting a potential client in one of those business gatherings.  I asked him the usual questions and he started to explain his business operation.  Well, he was basically a landlord to a gaming function.   When I become [...]