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Accounting Principles

Accounting measures the economic transactions in a company. It reports the information in a timely and accurate way for the business owner to make decisions for the company.



Accounting refers to the business function of recording economic activity.  Accounting includes the processing of information and a reporting role.   The accounting term encompasses a broad range of functions for every business.  It starts out [...]

Definition of Contribution Margin


Contribution margin is a core business concept and is often used in cost accounting to identify the amount of financial contribution a sold product provides to the company.  Simply put, contribution margin is the sales price less the direct costs [...]

The Definition of Fixed Assets


Any tangible item not consumed within one accounting cycle (typically a year) and providing long term utility is referred to as a Fixed Asset.  Traditional images include manufacturing equipment, tools, transportation vehicles, buildings and [...]

How to Find Investment Capital – The Family Connection


There is one responsibility of all business entrepreneurs that is loathed more than any other.  It’s asking for money.  First off, you have to find financial resources and then you have to ask for money.  This article is dedicated to finding [...]

Accounting Principles


Simply stated, accounting is the measurement of economic activity.  Its primary principle is to report information to the user so that (s)he can make informed decisions.  The primary reporting format is in the form of dollars.  There are two [...]

Choose The Right Accounting Software


One of the more complicated aspects of running a business operation is the function of accounting.  The selection of the correct software to use can make all the difference in the success of the business operation.   For most small business [...]