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Food Service Industry

The food industry is vast and comprehesive. From the restaurant to the grocery store, providing food to the public is a trillion dollar per year industry.

Mobile Food Vending – Profitability and Issues


Many of you are wondering if you can make a good living as a mobile food vendor.  If there is profit, how much?  Are there any issues in this industry that will persuade me from becoming a mobile food vendor?  This article is going to answer [...]

Fixed and Variable Costs in a Restaurant


Many restaurant owners and managers do not understand the difference between their fixed and variable costs.  The problem with defining the two types of costs relates to their connection with sales.  In addition, reasonable assumptions have to be [...]

Alcohol Costs – Monitor Closely


In the restaurant business, alcohol is the single best margin generator.   If you are going to have a profit, this is where the money is made.  As an owner, you need to understand the value of alcohol sales and the associated costs.  This aspect [...]

Tip Income – Employer’s Responsibilities


The Internal Revenue Service is acutely aware of the volume of tip income generated in the United States.  Therefore they are shifting the compliance aspect of this income onto employers.  This is a direct result of our government’s need for [...]

Controlling Food Costs in the Restaurant Industry


The top two costs associated with owning a restaurant is labor and food.  Controlling these prime costs in effect is the bottom line in your business.  So how do you control food costs?  First identify the correct quantity and quality of food you [...]
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