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A collection of stories about business and economics to assist the small business entrepreneur. These true stories are documented to help the business owner understand the principles and concepts advocated on this website.

Nobel Prize – Economics


In the world of science and higher thinking, no award can compare to the Nobel Prize.  Awarded each year in December, the selected individual or individuals are announced during the 2nd week of October.  The award for economics is not a Noble [...]

Flake Cereal – The Story of Will Keith Kellogg


As with many of life’s great success stories, an accident invents a new method or product.  In addition a lie generates huge amounts of wealth for the inventor.  It was no different for Will Keith Kellogg (WK). As a young man, WK started out as [...]

Economic Bubble – The Great Dutch Tulip Craze


Universally accepted as the first economic bubble, the Great Dutch Tulip Craze, also known as Tulipmania, of the late 1620’s to February 1637 serves as a reminder to all of us involved in business, that value can be driven by greed and not [...]