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Business Principles Start-Up

Start-Up issues faced by all new businesses.

Stock – Fundamentals of Ownership and Control


The basic principle of stock is an ownership right of a company based on the percentage of outstanding shares in possession.   It is essentially a mutual understanding between shareholders that each investor’s percentage of ownership is [...]



Microbusinesses are all around us.  Often overlooked and rarely given a second thought they are the backbone of our economic system.  From the local beauty salon to the Mom and Pop pizza shop; microbusinesses are everywhere.  Microbusiness is [...]

Mission Statement


A mission statement is a written document identifying the businesses’ primary reason for existence.  It should convey the core values and the principals of the company.  It should be reviewed with staff frequently to remind everyone of the chief [...]

Shareholder Dynamics in Small Business


The majority of small businesses are owned by a single individual.  An additional pool is family owned or controlled.  The balance usually involves friends or relatives that are passive in ownership.  These forms of ownership create some [...]

Types of Business Models


In business there are four distinct business models.  Just about any business can be identified with one of the four.  The following are the four types of business models: Low-Volume, Hi-Margin Hi-Volume, Hi-Margin Low-Volume, Low-Margin [...]

Substitution Principle in Business


There are a multitude of principles used in business, some are industry specific, others are functions of business.  But there is one that is a general principle that is used across the board in all areas of business.  It is called the [...]

People, Process & Product – The Profit


Marcus Lemonis is the star of a TV series show called ‘The Profit’.  He helps failing business turn around and become successful operations by fixing the three core elements of every business.  He refers to these elements as the 3 P’s: [...]

Three Primary Characteristics of Successful Businesses


Well, this is my 200th article in two years.  So I’m going back to the very first article I wrote and essentially rewriting that piece.  When I reviewed it, I thought how poorly written and formatted the piece is and therefore I wanted to make [...]

Tax Basis of Accounting – Accrual or Cash


This is the most often asked question by all new businesses.  Should I be on the cash or accrual basis of accounting for tax purposes?  The common layman would always answer ‘CASH BASIS’ for tax purposes.  They say this because they [...]
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