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November 2013

Chart of Accounts – Layout


The goal of accounting is to record the economic activity of the business.  This is achieved by entering each economic transaction into a set of books.  The books are formatted to reflect the balance sheet and income statement items.  The chart [...]

Flake Cereal – The Story of Will Keith Kellogg


As with many of life’s great success stories, an accident invents a new method or product.  In addition a lie generates huge amounts of wealth for the inventor.  It was no different for Will Keith Kellogg (WK). As a young man, WK started out as [...]

Insurance – Introduction to Business Insurance


Insurance is a risk reduction tool used in our private and business lives.  It is founded on the basic premise that a large group of individuals will cover a catastrophic event for one of the members sometime in the future.  In general, the [...]

The Three Best Methods of Marketing


The three best methods of marketing include education, referrals and involvement.  Unlike advertising, marketing is a human contact sport.  If you truly want to expand operations, there are no other more effective methods than educating the [...]