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This site is designed to educate and provide guidance to small business owners and the management team. The articles are written to solve problems and advocate for the feedback loop process to enhance business performance. There are over 400 articles on this site with the small business entrepreneur in mind. If you are looking for a quick solution, it is not here. Business is a long-term methodical process to achieve true success. ___________________________________________________________________________________________


First off, welcome to Business Economics. This site is designed to help novice and intermediate level owners/entrepreneurs and their management team become better business operators. If you are new to business or desire to understand the basics, I suggest clicking Basic Business Principles on the menu bar above. If you have been in business for more than a couple of years, may I suggest the section on Business Industry Standards or the Taxes and Compliance section of this site. If you desire an answer to a specific question, I suggest searching for the respective subject via the search field just to the right. Type in your subject, and the program delivers the most likely articles related to that subject. I try to have the excerpts written so you can determine which article most likely fits your subject. Or you may go to the Sitemap and the layout, archives, and categories are listed there. Click on the category that best suits your issue and there will be a list of articles I've written. Click the one that best fits. If I don't have an answer here, ask me! Go to the Author Page via the footer section below and you can contact me via e-mail. I'm happy to help and I'll prepare your answer via an article. I will not share your personal information with anybody, it goes against my ethics. My big belief is that Knowledge is Power. This site is designed to provide knowledge to the small business owner.


Thanks for the Info Dave